All you need to know about paying your rent

We are committed to keeping rents affordable for people on low incomes. The rent that you pay covers:

  • Managing your home
  • Carrying out repairs and improvements
  • Taking out loans to build new homes.

Service charges

You will also pay a service charge if you live in a property that has communal facilities or common services, such as:
■ Cleaning communal windows
■ Operating and maintaining lifts
■ Stairway lighting
■ Maintaining door-entry systems
■ Caretaking and cleaning
■ Maintaining communal gardens.
Service charges are based on the cost of providing the service and are paid in addition to your rent. We will always consult you when we review our service charges.  As a direct result of the rent reduction that came into force in April 2016, we are currently reviewing our service charges to ensure that we are fair to all residents in passing on the costs that we incur.  Please be reassured that we can only charge for services that you have received.


Support charges

If you live in sheltered housing schemes/flexicare scheme you will have a Scheme Manager and an oncall
alarm system – these are known as support services. The cost of the support service is due in addition to
the rent and any service charge.