The Asset Management Team


Our Asset Management Team manages the administrative side of the repair, maintenance and improvement work undertaken by our in-house maintenance operatives and private contractors.


Day-to-day repairs

Wayne Boyce estate Services Our maintenance operatives work is generated either by residents contacting our Resident Services Team to request a repair or by our Asset Management Team.

We monitor the maintenance work carried out by our operatives to ensure that it’s up to standard and that we’re delivering a cost-effective and efficient service.

Where a specialist or technical job is outside our in-house operatives’ expertise – such as refurbishing a kitchen or bathroom, or replacing a central heating system  – our Asset Management Team will arrange for the work to be undertaken through one of our approved contractors.


Planned and cyclical maintenance

Rushby Mead Roofing programme 2018

The Asset Management Team's are responsible for organising and arranging site visits, specifications and tenders relating to larger works including:

 -Replacement kitchens, bathrooms and boilers

 - External redecoration works

 - Window and door replacements

 - New roofs 

 - Works  related to vacant properties, and,  

 - Some adaptations to meet the needs of disabled residents.

All our contractors are carefully selected and their perfromance is monitor regularly.