Tenancy support

Our Tenancy Support Service is there for residents who need a helping hand. If you’re going through a tough time, we may be able to offer practical and emotional support, information and/or advice.

Sometimes a resident who is having a tenancy for the first time will be referred to our tenancy support officer for advice and guidance on how to manage their tenancy effectively.

The most common reasons why residents use this service are to ask for help in dealing with the following:

  • Setting up and maintaining a tenancy
  • Developing domestic and life skills, such as paying bills and working with utilities
  • Basic budgeting and benefit claims
  • Emotional support, for example if you are a victim of serious anti-social behaviour or domestic violence
  • Accessing other services, such as the Black Squirrel Credit Union
  • Establishing social contacts and activities
  • Re-asserting personal safety and security
  • Monitoring health and wellbeing in partnership with other relevant agencies
  • Liaising with and getting support from agencies specific to your ethnic group
  • Accessing local community/charity groups. 
  • Obtaining aids and adaptations  to help them continue living independently

To find out more about our Tenancy Support Service, get in touch with Alison Hilton, our Tenancy Support Officer, on 01462 683307.