Sheltered schemes standards

As a sheltered scheme resident you can expect certain standards from us. We will:

  • contact residents every working day before 12 noon. We will usually contact them in person but occasionally may do this over the intercom system
  • ensure that a Scheme Manager is on site for at least three hours each working day when the dedicated Scheme Manager is on leave or not available due to illness, where staffing levels permit
  • ensure that when a Scheme Manager is not available the call system is answered by the Central Control
  • only use a master key to gain access to residents’ homes when there is an actual or suspected emergency, or if residents give permission
  • provide information about the facilities and services in the area 
  • where needed, liaise with residents, relatives and other service agencies to ensure residents have a good quality of life in their home
  • offer support and advice when requested to help you make choices about decisions affecting residents’ lives
  • provide residents with a support assessment and plan so the level of support can be agreed. We will review this plan at least once a year or more frequently if you asked or circumstances change
  • encourage and support social activities that are held for the benefit of residents and the local community
  • ensure the communal areas of your home are kept tidy, safe and clean and are equipped and furnished to a high standard
  • keep the inside communal areas and outside of residents’ homes in good decorative order
  • ensure homes can be heated efficiently and effectively
  • check the alarm equipment is working properly every three months and that access to residents’ homes can be gained in an emergency via a coded key safe
  • meet residents a minimum of twice a year to explain how the service charges are set and to give residents an opportunity to discuss any areas of the service that are important to them
  • consult with residents every time we consider making a major change to the ways in which the sheltered scheme is run
  • listen to concerns if residents are not happy with how aspects of the service are being carried out, and where possible aim to resolve them. If residents remain unhappy we will encourage them to use the complaints procedure and help them to do that if they require assistance
  • provide residents with details of their Sheltered Scheme Representative so they can be contacted if residents do not wish to contact a member of staff directly.

These standards will be monitored through regular satisfaction surveys, resident forums and analysis of complaints.