You should be considerate of other road users when parking, and should not obstruct other vehicles. Residents are asked to try and resolve parking issues between themselves as this often proves to be the most successful way. We may get involved where necessary to resolve disputes. Please note:

  • You must not carry out vehicle repairs in or around your home, garage or in the neighbourhood, although minor repairs or maintenance tasks on your own vehicle are permitted
  • You must not repair vehicles on a commercial basis
  • Cars parked must have valid road tax

Where we provide parking spaces, these are generally not allocated to a particular property or person. In schemes where parking is allocated, you will be advised of this at the start of your tenancy.

If you want to park your vehicle in your garden, you will need our written permission and must have a suitable hard-standing. You must also get permission from the local council and, if you live in Letchworth, from Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. Parking on grass verges is not permitted and may lead to prosecution by the local council.

If you are disabled and have specific parking needs, please contact us and we will investigate and discuss with you the possible parking options available.

You must not park commercial vehicles, caravans or boats within the boundary of your home or in any communal parking area without our written permission. We will seek to remove abandoned, un-roadworthy or untaxed vehicles from our estates.