We insure the structure of your home, but not your personal possessions. We strongly recommend you insure your belongings by taking out a ‘contents insurance’ policy, which you can buy from most insurance companies. You should check that it includes third-party cover.

The National Housing Federation offers a ‘My Home Contents Insurance’ scheme for residents. For more information call the insurance provider 0345 450 7288.

If there is accidental damage to your home for example as a result of a flood, your contents insurance should cover the cost of redecoration, repair or replacing any damaged belongings.  We are not able to help with redecoration in these circumstances, so you need to arrange this yourself. 

If you fit something incorrectly and it malfunctions, causing damage to your own or somebody else’s belongings, you may have to pay the cost of replacing them or redecorating the home. 


If any of the windows in your property are smashed for any reason, we are not able to replace them.  We will board up and make safe any damaged glass (though you may be charged for this) but it would be up to you to claim the cost of re-glazing on your contents insurance.