Help! I'm struggling to pay!

If you start to have problems paying your rent, the first thing to do is speak to your income officer. The important thing is to get in touch, which you can do:

• By phone on 01462 683307
• In person during our office opening hours
• By sending an email to

Your income officer will work with you to help you try to clear your arrears as quickly as possible.
You could also contact our Money Advice Officer, Sonia Mullings,  on 01462 683307.

Money Advice Service

I pay my rent every week - how can I be in arrears?

Rent is monthly and is due on the first of every month. If you pay after the first of the month, or if you pay rent in arrears rather than in advance, your account will be in arrears. Rent should be paid on time on the first of the month, or in advance so the account is clear on the first of the month.

I receive Housing Benefit which is paid directly to Howard Cottage - how can I be in arrears?

Housing Benefit is paid four weekly in arrears, so your account will show that money is owing.  If you switch to Universal Credit that is paid directly to you, you are responsible to pay us the full rent.

 Information about universal credit

How can I find out how much money I owe?

By signing up to "My Online Account" using your tenancy reference number. You can find instructions on how to sign up here:  My online account - how to sign up

My account is in arrears. Am I eligible for home improvements (such as kitchen or bathroom upgrades)?

If you are in breach of your tenancy and we are taking formal action for the breach, we will not carry out planned kitchen and bathroom improvements to your home.