Gas safety - what you need to know

Gas safety - what you need to know

It is really important that we work together to keep you safe in your home.

Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers are lawfully able to carry out gas works or checks at your home. As such, all Gas Engineers employed by Sunrealm, our Gas Contractors, are registered. If you have a gas repair always check the ID card of the engineer.

We work with an organisation called Corgi to make sure that all gas works, such as repairs to your boilers / new installations, are carried out safely, within the law and to high quality standards. They give us important feedback on how our gas services can be improved. If you receive a letter from Howard Cottage arranging an appointment for a visit from Corgi and it is not convenient then please contact Howard Cottage on 01462 683307.

Servicing of Your Boiler

As your landlord, we are legally obliged to ensure a gas safety inspection is carried out every 12 months. The annual safety inspection is very important and ensures the gas appliances in your home are safe, it will also ensure that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. If you have not had a gas safety inspection in the last 12 months please ring us immediately on 01462 683307.

We will make arrangements with you for our contractor, currently Sunrealm, to come and carry out the gas safety inspection. If you do not respond, or fail to keep any appointments we will take legal action to get into your home to do the gas safety inspection.

Gas leaks and carbon monoxide

What to do if you smell gas, think there is a gas leak or are concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you think you can smell gas call the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999.

If you smell gas, you must:

  • turn off the gas at your meter
  • open all windows.

If you smell gas, do not:

  • switch on or off lights, appliances or other electrical items
  • bring naked flames (like matches or cigarette lighters) into your home.

Once you have contacted the National Grid they will send someone to check for leaks. If they find any leaks they will turn off your gas supply and ask you to contact Howard Cottage or your gas contractor.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. It's colourless, odourless and tasteless but it can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide can escape from appliances like boilers and fires if they are not working properly. Carbon monoxide gas can also be produced if your gas appliance is faulty, or if the chimney or flue is blocked.

To make sure everything is working safely it's essential that you have a valid gas safety certificate by getting a gas safety check done every year.

Danger signs of carbon monoxide

The danger signs of carbon monoxide are:

  • gas flames that normally burn blue, burning orange or yellow
  • sooty stains on or above appliances.